Statements for Five Myles exhibition


The sculptures selected for this exhibition — several groups of monochromatic stoneware objects — are dense, solid and small in scale.  As figures they have a neolithic heft to them and a sturdy monolithic look. 


Some figures lean together as if exchanging information or passing on gossip. When seen as dancers they sway gracefully.  Some might seem to engage in political protest. We project content into them, and they accept it.


The figures, in fact, are imagination-sized bites of the world.  These assembled parts of cognition are not models of large-scale monuments.  Their massive qualities are concentrated into hand-sized forms that expand in the imagination.


We are aware of their hand-built physical presence even as the material is being transformed in the mind.  Interpreting human bodies and emotions within these abstract forms is fundamental to this processes of understanding, and its link to our lived experiences.


During 2020 our reactions to the expansive loss of life and the disruption to our daily patterns and thinking become parts of us and such events are reflected in work as it is made and seen. Often our reality is provided to us as two-dimensional media.